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Galveston Cruise Parking FAQs

What forms do I need to check in the parking lot?
Print out your confirmation and present it to the cashier. If you have no way of printing, show cashier the email confirmation on your smart phone, iPhone, tablet, etc. In addition, the cashier will have the print out of all reservation and only needs your first and last name to verify your reservation in most cases.



Parking check in is from 9am to 2pm

  • Shuttle service to the terminal from 9am to 2pm( last bus leaving at 2:30pm)  *Times are subject to change if ships are delayed.
  • Buses leave when full but no longer wait than 30 minutes.


Do you have covered parking?

Yes, we rent slip-on car covers that protect your car from the sun and salty air.

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Do you accept RV’s and oversized vehicles?
Unfortunately, we are NOT able to able to accommodate Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) and similarly oversized vehicles. EZ Cruise Parking accepts reservations for Cars, Pick-Up Trucks & Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s).


What credit cards do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted by EZ Cruise Parking’s online reservation system.


Which cruise lines and ships can I access from your lot?
EZ Cruise Parking serves all cruise lines and ships departing from Galveston, including Carnival Magic and Carnival Triumph and Crown Princess, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, and more.


When should I make my parking reservation?
As soon as possible! We have limited space and often sell out.


How do I cancel my parking reservations?
Cancellations have to be made no later than 24 hours before the cruise departure. Send an email to manager@ezcruiseparking.com with your name, date and reservation number. Note that there is a $15 cancellation fee. We do not refund no shows.


How do I change the date on my parking reservation?
Email manager@ezcruiseparking.com with your name, reservation number, and the date you need your reservation changed to.


Where is the pickup location for when I return?
The pickup location (Terminal 1) is at the third archway from the east end of the building. The pickup location (Terminal 2) is in front of the terminal located on a concrete island. At both terminals an orange EZ Cruise Parking sign will indicate the pickup area.


Who do I contact if I lost a bag?
Contact EZCruiseParking.com if the baggage was left on the lot. Call 409-939-0648 or Email manager@ezcruiseparking.com. If it was left at the terminal, call the cruise line you sail with. The Carnival Lost Baggage number is – Kim at 1-800-929-6400


How far is the parking lot from the Port of Galveston?
Our main lot is two blocks from the Port of Galveston and is within walking distance. We have multiple lots and use different ones depending on availability, season, pricing, and length of the cruise.


How long is the check-in process?
The check-in process can take anywhere from one minute to thirty minutes depending on the flow of traffic, time of day, and weather conditions. We have no control over when people show up to check-in. Most of the time it only takes a couple minutes to check-in and park.


What is the process when I arrive at the parking lot?
Pull in the lot and drive to the building marked cashier. The cashier will come to your car and ask for your name and then give you a parking ticket. Then instruct you were to park.


Should I tag my bags before I get to the lot?
YES!!! Please tag your bags on your entire luggage even your carry-ons too. Do not forget to put your cell phone number on the tags and use lots of staples. Read More


How much do I tip the porter, drivers, or luggage handlers?
Tipping is strictly up to you, but the going tip is around $1 a bag.


Why do I have to wait in line outside the parking lot if I have reservations?
Realize that our lot fills up 100% on reservations most of the time. So the line that you’re waiting in are customers that have a reservation too. What happens is that most cruisers show up at the same time. Weather, and arrival time of the ship also has an effect on the waiting times.


Have Other Questions About Cruise Parking In Galveston?
We’re happy to answer any questions you have. You can contact us, call 409-939-0648 or email us at manager@ezcruiseparking.com.