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Covered Parking


  • Protects your car from the salt air, grain elevator debris, and sulfur plant emissions.
  • Keeps the sun off your vehicle.
  • Keeps the interior of vehicle cooler.

If you would like to rent a car cover, please select the covered parking option when making your reservation, or ask the cashier upon arrival at the lot.

Car Cover Instructions


Upon arrival at the EZ Cruise Parking lot, remind the cashier that you have the covered parking option or tell her that you would like to rent one. She will provide you with a covered parking slip to redeem your car cover from the parking lot attendant. He will cover the car before the end of cruise day (3pm).

Car Cover Clips
car-cover-clip-ezcruiseparking-galveston-tx car-cover-clip2-ezcruiseparking-galveston-tx
car-cover-angle-ezcruiseparking-galveston-tx car-cover-clip-far-away-ezcruiseparking-galveston-tx

We secure your covered parking with rubber coated clips to prevent the car cover from being blown off due to the high winds on Galveston Island.


When returning to EZ Cruise Parking, please ask the parking lot attendant for assistance and he will take your cover off for you. If you would like to take off the cover yourself, please make sure you remove the clips first, then roll the car cover from front to back and return to the shuttle zone.