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Are you ready for your cruise from Galveston?

Posted on January 31, 2015 by Jason Hayes in Our Blog

Get Ready, Set…… GO!

With a little preparation, taking advantage of the numerous cruises leaving from the Port of Galveston will be a snap.

First get to know the cruise lines, then create a personal check list, and always know where you’re going. A great place to start getting to know the cruise lines is through the Port of Galveston website. Here you can find a wide variety of information about the cruise lines that use the port, links to their websites and cruise schedules. Explore the various ships and destinations to find ones that interest you and what their schedules and prices are. Many travel websites publish tips on things like the best time of year to travel, what to expect from the cruise lines and from the places they stop, packing strategies and how to tip.

Personal check lists make it easy to remember all the important details that will give you peace of mind for the entire length of the cruise. Personal check lists can range from little details like “remove garbage from kitchen” to “got passport?”  Nothing is worse than the sinking feeling that you forgot to do something and it’s going to be a problem. Cruises are meant to relieve stress not create it!

Always feel the confidence of knowing exactly where the port is, where the cruise line is, where you are going to park and how you will get from the parking lot to the cruise ship. There is nothing wrong with checking this out ahead of time so you are familiar with the locations, distances and services involved. If you are running late, no worries, you know exactly where you are going and if you used the online reservation service of EZ Cruise Parking, you’re in and on that cruise from Galveston without a hitch.

Parking at the local Galveston family owned business of EZ Cruise Parking provides a safe and secure place for your car and quality service from start to finish.

Our FAQs answer many of the questions first time customers have, please contact us if you have any further questions.

Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is known as the parking lot guy. He is the owner, shareholder and manager of multiple parking companies, including EZ Cruise Parking, the leading cruise parking company in Galveston, TX. When Jason is not on the parking lot or in the office, he’s either at home working in the yard or playing with his family.


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