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When Cruising, Be Sure To Label All Your Gear

Posted on January 31, 2015 by Jason Hayes in Our Blog

Cruisers leave cameras and other expensive gadgets on our cruise parking busses all the time. If we find something and can call you, we will. Here are some tips to tag your gear.

All too often one of our drivers brings a camera bag or other expensive electronic device to our office that was left on one of the buses. Most often, the camera or camera bag has no tags or identifying information with them, so it sits in lost in found until the owner calls and describes it to us.  

If we find property, we’ll call you as soon as we find it, often before you leave town. All you have to do is tag or label your camera, camera bags, and other electronics. On your camera bag please put your name address and cell phone number on a bag tag. 

That way, you’ll be sure not to loose all those great vacation photos, even if you leave the camera on our bus. 

In the images below, you can see how I used a label maker and put my name and telephone number on my camera. 

camera-tagged- by EZ Cruise Parking


Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is known as the parking lot guy. He is the owner, shareholder and manager of multiple parking companies, including EZ Cruise Parking, the leading cruise parking company in Galveston, TX. When Jason is not on the parking lot or in the office, he’s either at home working in the yard or playing with his family.


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