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Booking a Last Minute Galveston Cruise?

Posted on February 1, 2015 by Jason Hayes in Our Blog

One way one can book cheap cruises from Galveston is to try doing it at the last minute. However, according to a travel tip article in USA Today, the practice may be a little more complicated than showing up with bags packed on the day of departure hoping to score a last minute deal from a cruise line hoping to fill up a ship.

9/11 and the security checks that have been required since the attacks have been the main complication for last minute deals. That means that booking a few days in advance is a good idea to ensure that one’s cruise is not cancelled due to some kind of security snafu. It goes without saying that one’s passport and other paperwork need to be in order.

The fact that the port of Galveston is centrally located and is accessible by highway is also a consideration. Lots of people drive to catch a cruise out of Galveston, which means that cruises tend to fill up early. Even if one can grab a last minute deal under these circumstances, one might not get ones preferred choice in berth or even destination.

While one can get some good deals by doing it at the last minute, defined by booking within a month before departure, current fare structures actually favor early bird booking, which is rewarded by many cruise lines with discounts, upgrades, and other benefits.

However if one is determined to go the last minute route, the Internet provides some good tools to help one in ones quest. One should check with the cruise line websites for last minute deals and discounts. Cruise lines that regularly depart from Galveston include Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

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Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is known as the parking lot guy. He is the owner, shareholder and manager of multiple parking companies, including EZ Cruise Parking, the leading cruise parking company in Galveston, TX. When Jason is not on the parking lot or in the office, he’s either at home working in the yard or playing with his family.


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