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Port Shuttle Service

shuttleThe shuttle services are included in the price, unless you chose to do the park and walk. Our shuttles run every thirty minutes, or as soon as they are full. The shuttles drop you, your family and your luggage off at the cruise terminal. The shuttles also pick you up when you come back from your cruise and takes you back to the lot you are parked in. They are also easy to identify from the other shuttles with an orange stripe down the side that says EZ Shuttle.

Handicap Accessible Shuttles

We take pride in our customer service, so you can always be sure that our shuttles are clean and the staff is efficient and friendly. Our shuttles are also handicap accessible (ADA Compliant) and we have the staff to help with luggage if their assistance is needed. After waiting in the lines at the terminal it is always best to have a safe,clean and comfortable ride back to your vehicle.