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Tips for Taking a Cruise with Kids

Posted on January 30, 2015 by Jason Hayes in Our Blog

A cruise from Galveston can be an excellent choice for a family vacation; however, if you have small children, it will require a bit of additional planning. Here are some tips that will make cruising with small children more fun than you had imagined.

When boarding the ship, keep in mind that your luggage may not be delivered to your stateroom for several hours. As a result, you’ll want to have a carry-on bag with essentials such as sunscreen, wet wipes and bottled water along with a special toy or coloring book.

Choose your cabin carefully in order to ensure that you and your children will both have a peaceful night’s rest. If you fear seasickness, choose a cabin on the lowest level near the center of the ship, as this will reduce the amount of swaying you feel. Staterooms on the lower levels also tend to be furthest away from late-night partiers, which means you also won’t be bothered by noise.

Ask whether or not special “family” cabins are available on your ship. Family cabins actually consist of suites that have separate sleeping areas for children or units that contain pullout sofas for kids to sleep on. Be advised that suites are normally one of the first accommodations to sell out, so if you choose this type of cabin, you’ll need to make reservations early.

Check into what if any children’s activities are offered by your cruise liner. Carnival Cruise Lines offers programs similar to summer camps, while other carriers will host children’s parties that include games, snacks and arts and crafts. The cost for children’s activities varies, as some ships charge between five and ten dollars per child, while others offer them for free.

By doing a little advance planning, your cruise with kids will be full of pleasant memories. Part of your advance planning should involve parking for your car- contact us today to make your reservation.

Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is known as the parking lot guy. He is the owner, shareholder and manager of multiple parking companies, including EZ Cruise Parking, the leading cruise parking company in Galveston, TX. When Jason is not on the parking lot or in the office, he’s either at home working in the yard or playing with his family.


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