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Warm Up This Winter with Cruise Deals Out of Galveston, Texas

Posted on November 1, 2013 by Jason Hayes in Our Blog

Have you been searching for an affordable, enjoyable way to escape the winter chill? Why not consider looking into cruise deals out of Galveston? It is one of the more popular cruise departure points in the United States. Many of the cruise lines that utilize the port offer trips to warm destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Honduras and the Grand Caymans.

Take Royal Caribbean Cruises as a fine example. They are presently offering several six to seven night cruise deals out of Galveston to the Western Caribbean. The cruises are scheduled to take place on the Navigator of the Seas and include stops in Mexico and Honduras. The cruise ship is an amazing one. It includes a medi-spa, whirlpools, casino, solarium pools and so much more. Perhaps the best part is that depending on the date selected, you may be able to book one of the ship’s interior cabins for less than $500 USD per person. There are great deals available on outside, balcony and deluxe suites as well.

In addition to the cruise ship deals, affordable cruise parking in Galveston is available year round through our firm. We also provide shuttle service and baggage transportation to and from the Port of Galveston. The most cost effective way to reserve your cruise parking in Galveston is to do so in advance of your trip. Once you’ve determined which cruising dates suit your winter schedule, reservations may be made online through our EZ Cruise Parking website.

Are you still hungry for more information about money-saving cruise options? As long-time Galveston residents, we’d be delighted to share our in-depth knowledge of the area with you. With that said, please feel free to contact us by phone or online. We also like to post information about cruise deals out of Galveston on our Facebook page. So you may want to stop by and check out our latest postings too.

Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes is known as the parking lot guy. He is the owner, shareholder and manager of multiple parking companies, including EZ Cruise Parking, the leading cruise parking company in Galveston, TX. When Jason is not on the parking lot or in the office, he’s either at home working in the yard or playing with his family.


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